• Inspections

          • Inbound Empties
          • Defect Lists
          • Outbound Loads
          • Document Retention
        • Bill of Lading Creation

          • ERP Integration
          • Load Calculations
          • Smart Fields (Create Patterns)
          • Submit Multiple BoLs (Multi-Car)
        • Maintenance Database

          • Maintenence Calendar
          • Maintenance Analysis
          • Billing Repair Card Data
          • UMLER Retention
          • Repair Procedures
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        • Lease Management

          • Assign Fleets to Riders
          • Fleet Cost Analysis
          • Sublease Assignments
          • Mileage Equalization
        • Health Monitoring

          • Wheelset Health Analysis
          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
          • Impact Detection
        • Regulatory Compliance

        • Alerts & Reporting

          • Track & Trace
          • Bad Order Status
          • Dwell in Transit
          • Inbound Empties
          • Outbound Loads
          • ETA Deviations
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        • Car Location Messages

          • Last Location
          • Last Location Date
          • Sighting Code
          • Departure Date & Time
          • Estimated Time of Arrival
        • 417 Details

        • Bill of Lading Details

          • Railcar Status
          • Origin & Destination
          • Shipping Party
          • Receiving Party
        • IQ Series Gateway

          • First Mile/Last Mile
          • Dynamic Dwell in Transit
          • Dynamic ETA
          • Impact Detection
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          • Geofence Alerting
          • Load Status in Motion (LSiM)
          • Accurate Mileage
          • Shop Cycle Times
          • Out-of-Route Alerting
        • Bogie IQ Gateway

          • Wheelset Health
          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
        • Wireless Sensors

          • Securement
          • Temperature
          • Load Status
  • Bogie IQ
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Meet Bogie IQ:
It's all inside.

The Bogie IQ™ technology from Amsted Digital Solutions leverages the IQ Series™ gateway, a revolutionary onboard device, to provide condition monitoring of critical components without the need for wireless sensors in addition to the GPS benefits of traditional gateways. The Bogie IQ configuration provides shippers, asset owners and maintenance-responsible parties with invaluable insights that will lower operating costs and boost safety measures.

Maximizing Efficiency through Supply Chain Visibility™

Making the complex manageable

Amsted Digital Solutions® brings the complex ecosystem of freight rail logistics, typically managed in spreadsheets and multiple third-party systems, into one user-friendly platform. Our proprietary Supply Chain Visibility™ software features a comprehensive suite of fleet management tools enhanced with real-time data insights from our innovative onboard technology. Or, let our team of highly skilled fleet management professionals do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on other critical areas of your business.

Professional Services

Make our industry experts a part of your team

Let us supplement your team’s activities by taking on tasks like track & trace reporting, billing out of railcars, creating work instructions and conducting railcar inspections. Our experienced team has earned the trust of some of our industry’s largest railcar fleet owners and operators.

Backed by Amsted Rail, the leader in heavy haul freight rail

Amsted Digital is a subsidiary of Amsted Rail, the leading global supplier of freight car systems and components. Together, we combine more than 120 years of excellence in rail component design and manufacturing with today’s leading-edge telematics technology and software capabilities. Through our collaborative efforts and access to Amsted Rail’s state-of-the-art research and development facilities across North America, we develop advanced solutions that enhance rail safety and efficiency.