• Inspections

          • Inbound Empties
          • Defect Lists
          • Outbound Loads
          • Document Retention
        • Bill of Lading Creation

          • ERP Integration
          • Load Calculations
          • Smart Fields (Create Patterns)
          • Submit Multiple BoLs (Multi-Car)
        • Maintenance Database

          • Maintenence Calendar
          • Maintenance Analysis
          • Billing Repair Card Data
          • UMLER Retention
          • Repair Procedures
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        • Lease Management

          • Assign Fleets to Riders
          • Fleet Cost Analysis
          • Sublease Assignments
          • Mileage Equalization
        • Health Monitoring

          • Wheelset Health Analysis
          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
          • Impact Detection
        • Regulatory Compliance

        • Alerts & Reporting

          • Track & Trace
          • Bad Order Status
          • Dwell in Transit
          • Inbound Empties
          • Outbound Loads
          • ETA Deviations
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        • Car Location Messages

          • Last Location
          • Last Location Date
          • Sighting Code
          • Departure Date & Time
          • Estimated Time of Arrival
        • 417 Details

        • Bill of Lading Details

          • Railcar Status
          • Origin & Destination
          • Shipping Party
          • Receiving Party
        • IQ Series Gateway

          • First Mile/Last Mile
          • Dynamic Dwell in Transit
          • Dynamic ETA
          • Impact Detection
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          • Geofence Alerting
          • Load Status in Motion (LSiM)
          • Accurate Mileage
          • Shop Cycle Times
          • Out-of-Route Alerting
        • Bogie IQ Gateway

          • Wheelset Health
          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
        • Wireless Sensors

          • Securement
          • Temperature
          • Load Status
  • Bogie IQ
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Yard Management

All your yard operations, all in one place

With a single, user-friendly platform, streamline all your rail yard activities from car spotting and generating switch lists to conducting inspections, automating bills of lading, and more. The Amsted Digital Solutions yard management suite of tools can be scaled for rail yards large or small, delivering a new level of operational efficiency.

Yard Operations

With an RFID reader, incoming railcars can be scanned to instantly upload error-free information into the system. This allows for a complete view of available capacity, car sequencing, location, loading and departure status, as well as yard storage capacity at a glance. Our solution delivers incredible operating precision and control with features like ‘drag and drop’ to easily reposition rail cars and automatically generate switch lists for rail yard workers and railroad crews.

  • Car Spotting
  • Switch Lists
  • Release List
  • Load Calculations


Pre- and post-inspections have never been easier. Conduct all inspection activities with our easy-to-use platform on a rugged tablet. All data, including photographs, is automatically uploaded and associated to your rail assets, eliminating manual entry.

  • Complete and Transmit Inspection Forms
  • Failed Inspection/Defect Notifications
  • Document Retention

Bill of Lading Creation

When a railcar is ready for the outbound queue, all critical pieces of information are accessible in one place. Key documents are automatically generated for seamless operations in and out of the yard.

  • ERP Integration
  • Load Calculations
  • Template/Pattern Creation
  • Multi-Car BoLs