• Inspections

          • Inbound Empties
          • Defect Lists
          • Outbound Loads
          • Document Retention
        • Bill of Lading Creation

          • ERP Integration
          • Load Calculations
          • Smart Fields (Create Patterns)
          • Submit Multiple BoLs (Multi-Car)
        • Maintenance Database

          • Maintenence Calendar
          • Maintenance Analysis
          • Billing Repair Card Data
          • UMLER Retention
          • Repair Procedures
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        • Lease Management

          • Assign Fleets to Riders
          • Fleet Cost Analysis
          • Sublease Assignments
          • Mileage Equalization
        • Health Monitoring

          • Wheelset Health Analysis
          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
          • Impact Detection
        • Regulatory Compliance

        • Alerts & Reporting

          • Track & Trace
          • Bad Order Status
          • Dwell in Transit
          • Inbound Empties
          • Outbound Loads
          • ETA Deviations
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        • Car Location Messages

          • Last Location
          • Last Location Date
          • Sighting Code
          • Departure Date & Time
          • Estimated Time of Arrival
        • 417 Details

        • Bill of Lading Details

          • Railcar Status
          • Origin & Destination
          • Shipping Party
          • Receiving Party
        • IQ Series Gateway

          • First Mile/Last Mile
          • Dynamic Dwell in Transit
          • Dynamic ETA
          • Impact Detection
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          • Geofence Alerting
          • Load Status in Motion (LSiM)
          • Accurate Mileage
          • Shop Cycle Times
          • Out-of-Route Alerting
        • Bogie IQ Gateway

          • Wheelset Health
          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
        • Wireless Sensors

          • Securement
          • Temperature
          • Load Status
  • Bogie IQ
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  • Careers

Professional Services

Make our industry experts a part of your team.

Amsted Digital Solutions offers a comprehensive array of professional services to help alleviate rail shippers of tedious and complicated tasks, allowing them to shift their focus to other high-priority areas of their business. Our professional services team has earned the trust of some of our industry’s largest railcar fleet owners and operators.

Profressional Services

Fleet Management Services

We employ experienced and respected industry professionals specializing in proactive and cost-effective railcar fleet management, from shopping events and scheduled maintenance programs to analyzing fleet utilization and operating costs. Depending on your specific needs, Amsted Digital Solutions can supplement or integrate with your existing teams allowing your resources to focus on other value-added tasks and activities.

Fleet Management

Fleet Utilization Optimization

  • Detailed analysis of key fleet metrics
  • Evaluation of fleet utilization and day-to-day railcar movement
  • Railroad communication and problem resolution
  • Reduction of overall rail operating costs

Lease Administration

  • Mileage credit collection/review
  • Lease auditing
  • Out-of-Service credits
  • Lease termination monitoring

AAR Railroad Repair Invoices

  • Claims generation
  • Invoice auditing
  • Invoice payment
  • Unusual repair trend identification

Railcar Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance plan development
  • Mini-shops & mobile unit coordination
  • Program & compliance monitoring
  • Repair estimate & invoice approval, auditing and payment
  • Repair shop selection & disposition
  • Scrap resolution
  • Test documentation review

Rail Administration

  • DDCT administration
  • Early warning/maintenance advisory resolution
  • Inspection reporting
  • Letter of Authority (LOA) management
  • Loading authority support (OT-57 or current equivalent)
  • RailInc
  • TCID

UMLER® additions, deletion, conflict resolution, updates

Mileage Services

  • Ad Valorem report and data collection
  • Excess mileage auditing (Hi-U)
  • Mileage auditing
  • Mileage credit analysis
  • Mileage equalization auditing
  • Mileage equalization monitoring
  • Mileage and rate discrepancy identification

Profressional Services

Engineering & Regulatory Compliance Services

Our engineering and regulatory compliance teams bring with them decades of railcar manufacturing experience from top North American railcar builders. The insights and knowledge of our industry experts makes Amsted Digital Solutions the leading choice for these services.


Tank Compliance

  • Qualification interval analysis
  • Qualification and maintenance data collection
  • Qualification and maintenance procedures
  • Record keeping/document hosting service (DHS)
  • Supplier audits
  • Tank car integrated database (TCID) compliance

Engineering Services

  • AAR circular summaries
  • AAR Form 4-2 applications
  • FRA and TC car owner audit support
  • FRA OTMAs and TC temporary certificates
  • Maintenance procedure development
  • Qualification and interval analysis
  • Railcar specification support and development
  • Tank car qualification and maintenance procedures

Regulatory Compliance

  • Application for AAR Tank Car Facility Certifications
    • M-1003 Quality Assurance Certification
    • M-1002 Technical Certification
  • Quality Assurance Manual Development and Support
    • IQA training per federal regulations
    • Quality assurance training
    • M-1002/M-1003 internal QA audit

Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance Audits
    • Facility assessment audit
    • Supplier audit
  • C6R Demonstration Support/Training
    • Instructions
    • Owner’s permission
    • Original Certificate of Construction (4-2)
    • Revised Certificate of Construction
    • Old components
    • New components


Inspection Services

  • Acquisition inspections
  • Estimate review and approvals
  • Joint inspection certification
  • New car inspection
  • Pre- and post-lease inspections
  • Protective coatings and linings inspection
  • Wreck inspection

Welding and Special Processes

  • Coatings and Linings Procedures
  • Coatings Application Training
  • Mechanical Test Oversight
  • SCABT (Single-Car Air Brake Test) Training
  • Welder Classroom and Qualification Training
  • Welding Process Development and Optimization
  • Welding Program Auditing

HazMat Services

  • QA HazMat Audit for Shipper Facilities
  • 49 CFR Manual Training
  • 49 CFR Parts 100-180 Assessment
  • 49 CFR Training Programs
  • Non-Accidental Release (NAR) Reduction Support

Technical Training

  • NDT Technician Training

    • Acoustic Emission (AE)
    • Infrared/Thermography (IR)
    • Leak Testing (LT)
    • Liquid Penetrant (PT)
    • Magnetic Particle (MT)
    • Radiography (RT)
    • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)
    • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (UT)
    • Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT)
    • Weld Inspection (VT)

Technical Training

  • Regulatory Compliance Training
    • Confined Space Training
    • DOT 49 CFR Compliance Training
    • Global Harmonization Systems
    • Hazardous Materials Training
    • Hazardous Waste Training
    • Quality Assurance Training
    • Safety Data Sheets
  • BRC Training
  • Inspection Training

Access Powerful Insights through Amsted Railytics™

Let our experts analyze and assess the running components of your railcar fleet. Using benchmark data from similar fleets, Amsted Railytics can provide insights into the maintenance spend and lifecycle of your railcars to create real savings opportunities.