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          • Sublease Assignments
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          • Shipping Party
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        • IQ Series Gateway

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          • Dynamic Dwell in Transit
          • Dynamic ETA
          • Impact Detection
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          • Geofence Alerting
          • Load Status in Motion (LSiM)
          • Accurate Mileage
          • Shop Cycle Times
          • Out-of-Route Alerting
        • Bogie IQ Gateway

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          • Wheel Slide Events
          • Hand Brake Detection
          • Stuck Brake Detection
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Freight rail veteran joins Amsted Digital Solutions as Senior Director & General Manager, Professional Services

Valerie Williams brings more than 16 years of experience optimizing freight rail operations and planning

Amsted Digital Solutions (ADS) is pleased to announce the hiring of Valerie Williams to lead the company’s Professional Services team, with an emphasis in fleet Management. Valerie’s more than 16 years of experience in railcar fleet management expands the ADS resource team and brings new insights into how we can deliver even greater value to our customers.

“We are very excited to have Valerie be part our leadership team. She is a well-known and well-respected individual. She is a very knowledgeable and driven person, and we are confident in her ability to help grow our Professional Services group under her leadership,” said Brad Myers, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Amsted Digital Solutions.

ADS began its Professional Services division with several key clients years ago and recently has added resources and new capabilities to support its customers more broadly in the areas of fleet management and engineering & regulatory compliance.

Ms. Williams has been in various roles which aid in her expertise in are strategic planning and fleet sizing, dispute resolution, and freight rate and contract negotiations. She also extensive knowledge of North American freight rail transportation compliance, terminal compliance and railcar regulations. Ms. Williams’ previous management of fleet compliance was awarded the NAR Grand Slam award in 2020, one of 17 companies recognized. Her education and background include business management and accounting, and Ms. Williams is Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certified.